About Us

Serve Your City aims to be the premier food and beverage community, review, and networking site for industry professionals. Our mission is to provide a much needed uplifting voice for the industry, and improve culture fits for industry employment. We do this by empowering job seekers to pursue establishments that suit them best while providing employers with access to culture driven recruiting tools to attract better candidates. By offering an industry-specific comprehensive platform, our services will improve industry needs and better connect the food and beverage community.

Our Industry:

The food service industry has become one of the country’s largest employers with an estimated $700 billion in annual sales, two-thirds of which can be contributed to the restaurant sector. According to the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant industry makes up 10% of the overall U.S. workforce while employing upwards of 15 million staff annually - outpacing overall employment growth. With over half of all adults having worked in a restaurant at some point in their lives, it is time the industry has a voice for its hard-working employees!

Our Impact:

Our goal is not only limited to providing a service for our users, but also to improve the reputation of the Food & Beverage community. Historically, the turnover rate has remained a prevalent issue hovering at 50%. Poor job selection and hiring choices are partly to blame.

By aiding job seekers in selecting the right job and empowering employers to make the right hire, we can lower employer’s turnover expenses that are largely due to having to train new employees. Finding the right match for employees and employers means happy workers and improved working environments, leading to more job stability and less turnover.

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